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We are a Local Gathering Center providing personal Health and Healing resources, including Purified Water, Carefully-Sourced Goods, and Healing Arts Services that offer Love, Support, and Elevated Consciousness.


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What we offer

Conscious Water Store

Liquid Eden Conscious Water Store in San Diego makes Water in house each day, with Love. Mineral Water. Electrolyte Water. Alkaline water. Oxygen water. Fluoride-Free Water. Chlorine-Free Water. Lead-Free Water. Mircoplastic-Free Water.


Artisan Collective Shop

Products made with humanity in mind. Let’s retail together to consciously mend the world, one product at a time. Every product in Liquid Eden Artisan Collective Shop is made with love and here for a reason.

Heart-Centered Event Space

Liquid Eden Inner Sanctuary studio  hosts events with Healing Intentions. Let’s come together for heartfelt connection as we explore Healing Arts.

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What else we provide?

Inner Sanctuary Rental

You are a Spiritual Arts Practitioner, you provide life-changing healing art services, and need a place to facilitate your gift and grow your business. Long-term, short-term, and one-time rentals available. Apply here to host a heart-centered event in Liquid Eden’s Inner Sanctuary.

Join Our Artisan Collective Shop

You are a Globally Conscious Vendor who creates meaningful products that are good for the individual, community and the environment. Your goods are inspirational, uplifting, and/or healing oriented. Apply here to sell your handcrafted products at Liquid Eden’s Artisan Collective Shop.

Our Healing Participants

You understand that improving the condition of life depends on a series of conscious choices for nourishing, healing, and participating in elevated consciousness. You are seeking education and guidance, a place to find a like-minded community, and carefully-sourced products  and services that support your healing objectives.

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Healing Blog

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