Featured Products: Fractalista Designs

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This months Featured Products are laser-etched glass bottles by

Fractalista Designs!



Andrea is the creator behind Fractalista Designs. Upon inquiring about her laser-etched works of art, the first thing she wholeheartedly and clearly declared was her intention

” ..to create a beautiful alternative to single-use plastic bottles.”

She is very sincere in creating products that are not only just good for the environment, but also aesthetically beautiful. Her products add value to the space they are in.  Whether in your home, office, or just carrying them around on errands they are uplifting.

Fractalista Design’s moto is affectionately:

“Ditch Plastic!”


10424986_273306869459712_3743036128096623060_nHer sacred geometry designs are inspired by the works of Dr. Masaru Emoto who studied waters ability to hold and transfer information and the effects energy has on water crystal formation. Much in the same way, Andrea lovingly infuses intentions on the glass bottles which therefore transfers into the water as well!

The sacred geometry designs for her Love and Gratitude bottles are similar to the water crystal structures formed when the water is exposed to Love and Gratitude!




Fractalista Designs’s reusable Italian glass bottles are BPA FREE, and seal hermetically to prevent leaking. They recently expanded their glass water bottle line to include colored glass creating Color Theory Bottles as each color resonate at a specific energetic frequency.

You can see why we love Fractalista Designs so much and are enthusiastic about carrying these products at Liquid Eden!

You can now purchase them at Liquid Eden or on Fractalista Design’s Etsy page!