Himalayan Crystal Salt Bar Chemical-Free Soap

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The Cleansing Miracle of Salt

Introducing Aloha Bay’s Himalayan Crystal Salt Bar!


The pink salt of the Himalayas formed way back with the mountains themselves, as the ocean—trapped by the rising Himalayan peaks—dried out and was compressed in folds of earth. Under so much pressure, the minerals in the old sea salt were smushed into a special grouping called a colloidal state, just like dust particles in a rain cloud. Studies show that this structure, so different from table salt, may be why Himalayan salt provides so many more health benefits than other mineral sources.


The deep pink color of this bar comes from those special minerals. Mixed with the warm water of a shower or bath, it opens the small vessels in the skin, stimulating blood flow and encouraging the body to naturally eliminate toxicants and absorb vital minerals, leaving your skin soft, rejuvenated and clean! In addition to remineralizing your skin in the shower, Himalayan Salt bars can be used for a hot stone massage with healing essential oils, as a chemical-free Deodorant bar (it kills bacteria causing body odor!), or even a pumice stone in the shower.

And the wholesome goodness of this salt bar is a reflection of the company who brings it to you.

Employee-owned Aloha Bay operates out of the rural town of Lower Lake, California. Since 1993, this cooperative has set out to craft and sell the highest quality products while employing as many hands and as little automation as possible.

Their dedication to sustainability starts from the ground up. All sourcing is Organic and Fair Trade with the upmost respect for their relationships with local villages and farmers. Each year they reduce their waste by 15%, and what little waste there is, they relentlessly re-purpose—picture horse ranches stocked with donated Himalayan salt licks and left-over wax being used as clean burning biofuel.

Aloha Bay’s care for each handcrafted product and the grassroots approach to environmentalism is inspiring. From their sister factory in Indonesia, producing solar-heated palm wax candles from biodiverse farms, to the family-owned salt mine in Pakistan, they contract only with fair trade providers of ecologically conscious goods, emphasizing sustainable livelihoods for all involved.

It all comes back to the spirit of aloha, “the joyful (oha) sharing (alo) of life energy, breath, and goodness (ha) in the present (alo),” as the founder puts it. It is the recognition of the ‘God of Life’ in each other. It charges everything they do, everyone they work with and every where they work.

For this, and so much more, we are grateful to do business with Aloha Bay.  As an Honorable Trade Local for San Diego we are committed to bringing you products made with humanity in mind. Let’s retail together to consciously mend the world, one product at a time.