Liquid Crystals + Liquid Eden !!! Are there Crystals in Alkaline Water?

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We’ve all heard of Crystals — pretty, sparkly little stones. But can you guess what makes them so unique from other solid objects? They are distinguished from other solids by the purity of their mineral composition and the order of their molecular matrices.

Common rocks, unlike Crystals, are made of a mixture of minerals. For example, Limestone is made up of calcite as well as varying amounts of silica, clay, silt, and sand, where as a Quartz Crystal is made up of solely quartz mineral.

But more than that, the shape of the molecular bonds that make up the Quartz Crystal is important. Among common rocks, the molecular bonds are disordered—this atom joining to that in a disheveled heap. In crystals, however, the pairings of the molecular bonds are orderly. Prim, proper, and geometrically patterned in three dimensions, with one or more axes of symmetry.  See images below: Alkaline Water Store San Diego



molecular structure of Alkaline Water San Diego
Stacked Hexagonal Sheets of Structured Water

But we’ve been speaking of solid Crystals. Liquid Crystals are completely different…right?

Right. Liquids are amorphous – without a clearly defined shape or form – with even less order and structure than solids. Their bonds, switching around and held together loosely, allow them to be fluid. More thing-ish than air, but less so than a table, so to speak.

The New Science on Water shows that Liquids can also occur in a fourth phase that combines the structural properties of Crystals and the fluidity of a Liquid!

And this means what? It means this structured Water is programmable. It carries information. It transfers and stores energy. It can do all those things for which Crystals are prized, but more responsively.

Liquid-Crystals are well known, i.e. a Liquid Crystal Display. Their organized structure allows more energy to flow through a system. For systems, such as living creatures, more energy flow leads to greater efficiency. LCDs have revolutionized fields like technology; it’s not hard to imagine the ways purposefully programmed Water could revolutionize and benefit our wellbeing.

Masaru Emoto Water crystal structured water love and gratitude for waterAnd Liquid Eden does just that – Purposefully programs Water for your wellbeing! At Liquid Eden Conscious Water Store , our intention is to to create Mineral Electrolyte Alkaline Water structured with Love and Gratitude.  Read more about our practices of sending Love and Gratitude to Water.  All who enter our community healing space are invited to participate in structuring the Water as well, as seen in this blog about the reason behind the quote on our front door.

This article is part of a series on the incredible, intrinsic properties of Water. Stay tuned for more!

Source: Dancing with Water: The New Science of Water by MJ Pangman and Melanie Evans.