Featured Product: Omica Shower Filter

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Omica’s cutting edge Shower Filtration technology uses a revolutionary combination of powerful elements, rendering an enhanced shower experience unmatched by any other. Omica Organics has developed an integrated technology that yields an advanced filtration system reducing radiation, chlorine, chloramine, lead and other heavy metals.

Begin enjoying the many health and beauty benefits, including smoother skin and softer hair. You’ll feel the synergy the moment your shower begins.

We know that whatever touches our skin can absorb into the body. City water is loaded with many harmful additives such as chlorine, trace heavy metals, and other pollutants that absorb directly through the skin and into our body. In fact, your skin absorbs the same amount of chlorine in one shower as drinking 8 full glasses of chlorinated water. With the Omica Shower Filter, you’re filtering the water and relieving your body of inorganic substances, making for a healthier you.


Omica’s technologically-advanced filtration system contains:

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Shungite, a rare carbon mineral found in only one place in the world, and known since the 18th century for its highly absorptive and anti-bacterial qualities

Micronized Zeolite, widely used in industry for water purification. It attracts nitrogen and increases oxygen content. Zeolite has also been used during radiation relief efforts.

Catalytic Carbon

KDF 55, a copper/zinc blend

KDF 85, a copper/zinc blend

Activated Coconut Shell Carbon

Virgin Quartz Crystals


The Omica Shower Filter has a standard ½” pipe thread that fits most shower arms in the U.S, Canada and Mexico. It installs in minutes; no tools necessary. Teflon tape is provided with the filter.

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There are no replacement cartridges needed, allowing room for 25% more filtration media (twice the filtration media of other shower filters). The filter lasts 6-8 months, then replace the entire filter, giving you a completely clean and sanitary unit each time.

• Removes contaminants for a refreshing and invigorating shower experience
• Restores the natural integrity of the shower water
• Brings back your body’s healthy, natural radiance with softer skin and silkier hair
• Ideal for preserving color-treated hair
• Reduces scale build-up on tiles and glass
• The Omica Shower Filter is uniquely designed to maintain maximum head room
• Flow Rate 2.0 GPM (conserves water and energy)
• Housing made of non-pigmented, natural color BPA-free plastic
• Twice the filtration media of most other shower filters
• Hand-crafted in the USA

For installation instructions, see the shower filter page at www.OmicaOrganics.com

Note:  Because shower heads are a personal choice, and come in many styles, sizes, and types, we do not include a shower head with our filter.