Welcome Nektor Organic Sunscreen to Liquid Eden

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Introducing NEKTOR Organic Sun Care Products to Liquid Eden Artisan Collective Marketplace in San Diego!

Nektor sunscreen is a simple and effective product, promoting the health of humans and oceans.

Each ingredient has been consciously sourced for the well-being of life in and outside the body while providing real benefits to sun-kissed bathers and reducing our impact to the planet.


Why we love Nektor Organic Sun Care products:



reef safe sunscreenReef Safe
Lifelong surfers, the creators of Nektor spent most of their days applying sunscreen as they headed in and out of waves. What they didn’t know is that conventional sunscreens are toxic, not only for people, but for ocean life, especially coral reefs. Annually 6,000-14,000 tons of sunscreen wash into coral reefs, damaging an already vulnerable ecosystem. Chemicals like Oxybenzone are from a class that have been shown to cause bleaching in coral reefs. These, and many other common compounds in FDA-approved sunscreens, can also be toxic to fish species and other aquatic life, as well as being human carcinogens, endocrine disrupters, allergens and hormone mimickers. Therefore, Nektor takes great pride is specifically formulating a sunscreen that is certified Reef Safe to help protect the oceans they love so much.

organic sunscreen reef safe non-gmoCruelty-free
Leaping Bunny certifies that Nektor products have only ever been tested on consenting humans, ensuring your sunny fun is a consumer vote toward relieving millions of creatures in inhumane laboratories.


Made Local
Nektor products are made in the USA, with most of the raw ingredients sourced directly within California.



usda organic sunscreenUSDA Certified Organic
From beeswax to calendula, each ingredient is certified organic and chosen with the utmost concern for product and environmental quality.



non gmo sunscreenNon-GMO
No Genetically Modified Organisms in these sunscreens!



From packaging to printing to shipping, Nektor uses only recycled materials, because selling a product includes selling its packaging and everything that went into it.


As part of 1% For The Planet, Nektor donates 1% of its annual profits, helping multiple charities around the world. Doing good in you, off you, and giving it back.